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Automotive Compatibilly(In-Vehicle Strong Point)

■CAN I/F x 2 installed
Enables access to multiple CANs such as engine system/control system
-Mechanical Shock*:50G
Works stable even with car batteries
※ISO16750-3 : Road vehicles - Environmental conditions and testing for electrical and electronic equipment -

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Built-in GPU : Vivante GC2000
 Memory  DDR  DDR3, 2GB
 Main Storage  Storage  eMMC (MLC), 32GB
 OS  Linux Yocto Linux Kernel Version : 4.9.88

NXP BPS Version : 4.9.88-2.0.0

Yocto Version : rocko (2.4.2)
 Top Cover  LED x 6 Power : 1 color LED (Blue)

LTE : 3 color LEDs (green)

WiFi/Bluetooth : 1 color LED (Red/Green)

User : 1 color LED (Red/Green)

Front I/O Functions

 Power connector  4 pin x 1
 RJ45 connector 10BASE-Te/100BASE-TX/1000BASE-T
Terminal : RJ45 x 1 (with 2 color LEDs)
 USB connector  USB2.0 Type A x 1
 Can Bus Vehicle signal connector  

CAN x 2 

Terminal : CAN_H,CAN_L,GND

Total 6pin CAN2.0 A/B
 Serial connector  

RS232C/RS485/RS422 (Isolated) x 1 (Select)

Terminal : Signal line x 4+GND x 4 : 8pin

 DI/DO connector  Extension board DI x 4, DO x 4, (COMMON [GND] x 2)
 USER Switch  x 1
 Back I/O Functions
 LTE Antenna  SMA connector x 2
 WiFi/Bluetooth Antenna  SMA connector x 1 (Reverse Type)
 GNSS Antenna  Fakra connector x 1
 Power OFF button  x 1
 microSD Card  x 1 (microSDXC UHS-I SDR104)
 microSIM Card  x 1
 Serial Port Setting Switch  3 ports
 Debug Port  x 1
 Interface  Mini-PCIe
 Bands/Frequency  FDD-LTE : B1(2100MHz) / B3(1800MHz) / B8(900MHz) / B26(800MHz,B18/19) (depends on JP)
 Up/Downlink rate  Cat.4  Down 150Mbps / Up 50Mbps
(Ideal value of LTE Chipset)
 LTE module  SIM7600JC-H PCIE support docomo,SoftBank and KDDI
 Antenna  With SMA connector for external antenna x 2
 Module  u-blox NEO-M8N
 Frequency  GPS L1C/A, SBAS L1C/A, QZSS L1C/A, GLONASS L1OF, BeiDou B1, GALILEO E1B/C (Up to Module spec. The capability value depends on integration with the system.)
 Antenna  With Fakra connector for external antenna x 1
 WiFi / Bluetooth
 Module  WM-BAC-BM25 (Broadcom)
 WiFi Dual band  IEEE 802.11 ac/a/b/g/n
 Bluetooth  Bluetooth 4.2 (Bluetooth Low Energy)
 Blluetooth Profile  Depends on BlueZ
 Antenna  With SMA (Reverse Type) connector for external WiFi + Bluetooth Antenna x 1


 Power supply
 Power supply voltage  Applied Voltage : DC12V or 24V

Car ACC/IG / Car BATT /GND : Total 3

Operation Voltage : 9~32V

Absolute maximum rated voltage : 0~40V
 USB voltage  5V/0.5A (Power supply to USB device)
 Power Consumption  DC12V Current Consumption  MAX : about 1.5A

Suspend Mode : about 100mA

Leak Current : 2mA
 RTC battery  RTC backup battery  BCR1220 3V Lithium Coin Cell
 Operation temperature  -20℃~70℃
 Storage Temperature  -30℃~80℃
 Humidity  5% to 95% non-condensing
Environment  Compliant with ISO 16750-3, Class C.
(RJ45 and USB are only for testing to confirm there is no problem in their ability value.)
 Vibration  2.83G (ISO 16750-3)
 Mechanical shock  50G (ISO 16750-3)
 IP code  IP40
Electrostatic Discharge  Survive ±10kV contact discharge and ± 10kV air discharge ESD testing (Criterion C)  

Compliant with Telec, VCCI,CE, FCC, IC, and NCC

(Up to LTE module chip certification, CONEXIOBlackBear can apply for TELEC, VCCI, NCC with SIM7600JC-H PCIE, but other Certification is related to the acquisition of regional LTE module.)
 Dimensions  171.9mm x 114.0mm x 42.5 mm (w/o Flange)
 Weight  600g ± 20g (Estimated)


 Serial Cable  Cable with connector
 DI/DO Cable  Cable with connector
 CAN Cable  Cable with connector

Holeless EX-Door



(Indoor set)
 LTE Antenna  SMA connector for external
 GNSS Antenna  Fakra connector for external
 WiFi/Bluetooth Antenna  SMA (Reverse Type) connector for external
 AC Adapter  AC Adapter & Conversion cable


(Commercial set)
 4 in 1 Antenna/Cable LTE x 2, GNSS, WiFi Antenna & Cable
 Power Cable 4 pin power cable


Document Download

CONEXIOBlackBear Instraction Manual(ver.207)
CONEXIOBlackBear Instraction Manual(ver.207)(Japanese)